Dangerous Enough

Presa Press 2014

Alison Stone's first full-length collection since 2003.



Description: frontcoverfordangerousenough“Stone is not a ‘literary’ poet (there are enough of them). Her text does not depend on other texts. She is interested in a woman’s truth, and has something hard won (but won) to give her readers. This is strong poetry.”         

- Allen Grossman


Gorgeous work – not only accessible, but tight as can be.  I must say that Alison Stone’s book is the first one I've read cover to cover within the first day of reception.  Remarkable work"

-David Cope


Stone understands that poems, as Robert Lowell encouraged, must be events in themselves and not merely records of events. Whether psychological or philosophical, or advancing the intensity of raw emotion, Stone’s poems are urgent and dramatic, put themselves and by extension the reader, at risk."

 -Thom Ward


“Stone offers lean and sparkling poetry that invites us to join with it - poems that are, in their way, multi-faceted spaces to explore, discovering what we may, and grafting what we bring.”

-Verse Wisconsin


Alison reading poems from Dangerous Enough on YouTube

Self-Interview about this book:  at the end of this web page

Pedestal Magazine review of Dangerous Enough


Signed, pre-publication copies available. In the US, send a check made out to 'Stone' for $15.95 plus $1.75 postage & handling to:

      Stone, 114 School Street, Nyack, NY 10960

For international orders, send a check or money order from a bank with a US branch.  The postage & handling for Canada & Mexico is $1.75, elsewhere $3.00.


Borrowed Logic

New Chapbook, from Dancing Girl Press.


Borrowed logicPomegranate

Mother warned, Sex is a trap.
Still, every teenager wants more
than flowers, more than stale, virginal green.
His lips, cool moss against my nape.
I traded sunlight for a romp
in the forbidden, a devoted mate.
My meadow-scent’s exotic here, so he’s eager
to please, writes me poems by the meager
glow of dying fireflies. If he’d only kick that mange-
infested dog out of our bed.
Such horrid pant-
ing! Each tongue licks my face like meat.



To order a signed copy of Borrowed Logic

  In the US, send a check made out to 'Stone' for $7.00 plus $1.55 postage & handling to:

      Stone, 114 School Street, Nyack, NY 10960

  For international orders, send a check or money order from a bank with a US branch.  The postage & handling for Canada & Mexico is $1.75, elsewhere $3.00.





From the Fool to the World

Parallel press 2012

“The poems in this collection make up a series in the voices of the Major Arcana of the tarot. Stone’s poetry extends and complements her own work as a visual artist in creating the Stone Tarot. The poems are rich with visual language and are filled with stories of light, journeys, and transformation: If you won’t dance, / then who’s the fool? / Inside my cloth bag – apple, table, stallion, sky. / Come! The rich / cliff tempts like wine.”

Tim McLafferty, Verse Wisconsin Online



XIV. Temperance


Of course moderation is a piece of cake           

for me; I am an angel.                                             

I have had eternity to master balance,               

and besides, it's easy to stay                             

calm in any storm                                                 

when a rainbow arcs perpetually                        

above my head like a giant umbrella.      

I understand you are only human.

Still, why let yourself be bumped from center

by recycled heart hungers or the lust beast.

Throw away your book of rules. Stop boring everyone

with resolutions.  Just plant

one foot on land, the other

in the cold school of the sea.


To order a signed copy of From the Fool to the World

  In the US, send a check made out to ‘Stone’ for $10.00 plus $1.55 postage and handling to:

       Stone, 114 School Street, Nyack, NY 10960

  For international orders, send a check or money order from a bank with a US branch. 

       The postage & handling for Canada & Mexico is $1.75, elsewhere $2.50.

They Sing at Midnight

Winner of the 2003 Many Mountains Moving Poetry Award


Description: image001If you're not careful, Alison Stone will devour you.


Although she announces in one poem that love is a room she enters 'sideways,' Stone's appetite for the physical and spiritual is never selective.  It hunts down all things, sacred and profane.  The anaphoric poem "My Hunger" finishes 'Mangy and mateless, /my hunger gobbles chocolate, sunsets, 'children, prizes, flame. /my hunger is an animal without a proper name.' ....


The poems in Alison Stone's They Sing at Midnight risk many "nows." They image and idea, whisper and howl, implore and grieve.  Their versions of the mundane and the mystic engage us, offer shape and texture to the 'messy bright life we are born for.'  But her poems also deliver the hard fact that 'decay is in the air,' and, despite any hard-fought faith, we don't get out of here alive.  As such her poetics serve notice of the metaphysical amid the imminent, how Persephone is always and forever descending and returning, death into life, and life into death.  Such wisdom is Stone's gift to us.”

Thom Ward, from the forward


"Stone slips a carving knife under the skin of convention, eviscerating appearances, revealing the savage truth...Kill to get one."

Hugo Williams


To order a signed copy of They Sing at Midnight

  In the US, send a check made out to 'Stone' for $12.95 plus $1.55 postage & handling to:

      Stone, 114 School Street, Nyack, NY 10960

  For international orders, send a check or money order from a bank with a US branch.  The postage & handling for Canada & Mexico is $1.75, elsewhere $3.00.


Persephone’s First Season in Hell


   That winter I learned what the animals know.                   I learned to quicken my husband’s pleasure

   My hair thickened,                                                                     and to melt memories of his touch with tears.

   blood grew cold and slow,                                                      My marriage lengthened and coiled.

   and as the flowers had fallen                                                 

   from my apron, so joy and memory                                      Above the black walls of my world, Apollo

   spilled from the sack of my skin.                                           drifted in his ring of fire.

                                                                                                           With half his journey done,

   Now that food was safe,                                                          the ground above me split.

   I would not eat.                                                                           Like a child in the womb I felt

  The chewed heart                                                                       the tingle beneath the fingernails

  of pomegranate blocked my throat.                                       that marks the end of death.


 All I had cherished went on

 above. Mother’s tears watered my roof.

 Armored in loneliness

 I learned to love no one.

 The dead scurried about

 while my heart slept —

 red seed beneath its tree of bone.




About the Poet


Description: Author 4Alison Stone’s poems have appeared in The Paris Review, Poetry, Ploughshares, Poetry International, Chelsea, Barrow Street, and a variety of other journals and anthologies.  She has been awarded Poetry’s Frederick Bock Prize and New York Quarterly’s Madeline Sadin award.


Ms. Stone is also a visual artist who spent nine years producing oil painting of the 78 images of the tarot.  The Stone Tarot is available in stores and on the internet. (stonetarot.com).  Ms. Stone has exhibited her paintings in a variety of galleries, museums, and other venues in London, MA, RI, and NY.


She is a psychotherapist in private practice in New York City and Nyack, NY.







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Self-Interview:  The Next Big Thing


What is the title of your book?  Dangerous Enough

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?  Among other issues, Dangerous Enough explores rites of passage -- adolescence, marriage, childbirth, the death of a parent.

What genre does the book fall under?  Poetry

How long did it take you to write the first draft of the book?  I worked on the poems in this collection over a period of about twenty years. Some of these are poems that, for whatever reason, were left out of They Sing at Midnight.

What surprised you about people's reactions to the book?   Everyone who tells me they have a favorite poem chooses a different one.

What else do you want to tell us about the writing of this book?   As I worked on the arc for this book I was surprised at how well they fit together, many having been written so many years apart. The body, and time, connect them so they flow.

Who published Dangerous Enough?  Presa Press. www.presapress.com    I am delighted to be among their authors.


Kathi Aguero tagged me for this interview. Her wonderful collection After That was recently published by Tiger Bark Press. www.tigerbarkpress.com


I tagged Maxine Silverman, whose powerful chapbook The Transport of the Aim addresses the relationship between Emily Dickinson and Celia Thaxter (www.parallelpress.com) and Joseph Milford, whose Cracked Altimeter is a rich journey through language, ideas, and emotion.